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My program: 0-4 years
Because these are the formative years, the child learns from the environment using their five senses.  Each child will progress at their own pace, and will participate in hands on tactile exercises such as building blocks, learning puzzles, art media, and music. I have also included in my curriculum My Baby Can Read, Learn To Sign, and Hooked on Phonics.

Practical Life
The practical life area of my teaching includes activities that assist the child in developing practical living skills.  The exercises of Practical Life include: care of person, care of environment, social behavior, and exercises, which develop the child’s order, concentration, coordination and independence.

I believe, as with my own children, that a child should be allowed to analyze and explore.  Sensory material represents the attributes of objects, dimensions, forms, colors, smoothness, or roughness of surfaces, weight, temperature, flavor, noise, and sounds.

Basic concepts of math are given in a fun manner to at least count to 10 with progression to 100 in time.

Preparation for writing and reading is begun through the phonetic introduction of sandpaper letters.  Word building and preliminary reading exercises will be provided through a natural progression, which reflect a child’s personal readiness.

The children will be exposed to various types of music in a fun and supportive nature.